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Wlx 893u2is Driver Download




7.32.0 - generic my connection still sucks wxl: you can check the history from earlier - let me scroll back for you thank you TJ- im back wxl: anything you're worried about? TJ-: is that the u1-client update i had before? wxl: right! TJ-: i would be more worried about not being able to log into irc with the gui-less one. which is what i'm doing wxl: the release file lists packages updated on Aug 17 i don't care about the gui-less one. i'm trying to figure out the the u1-client update wxl: that's more recent wxl: so yes ok. then that was a package i didn't have. wxl: Aug 17 is also listed as a released date (but no date) what is a released date? wxl: a release date is something like "on release: yyyymmdd" this is confusing release = what is being released well, yeah. hahahaha the ubuntu archive is release-tracked, not dated, you see there are dates like 13.10-0ubuntu2 ... which means the package was in the archive, but the debian/changelog didn't have the specific version number. but the version numbers do increment as the debian/changelog gets updated, so they are not really in chronological order wxl: so to be precise, those were released at 17 Aug 2015 right, but what does that mean? wxl: but those *are* listed on the Release files at wxl: for that specific package there are 6 entries and the



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Wlx 893u2is Driver Download
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